Due Diligence / Advisory

For businesses and private equity firms looking to acquire or partner with other companies in our related industries we provide both thorough HR, operational, and commercial diligence, advice and oversight. This support is normally charged on a nominal per engagement or weekly retainer targeted to cover our operating costs and travel.

Governance / Management Support

For private equity and private businesses, we provide non-executive director and board advisory services that better connect the business to the board, help develop strategy, and provide disciplined, metric-based and results-based actions.  This support is normally charged on a quarterly or monthly basis and targeted to cover the cost of the person(s) supporting your business and travel.

Product Management

For privately owned and stand-alone business where pricing policies and execution are inconsistent, inventory decisions are material and slow moving / obsolescence is a risk, and where a solid strategic plan and value chain road map is needed

Interim Management

In select cases where our diligence, governance, or turn-around work warrant it, we shall consider filling critical client roles with our team with the understanding that we will build the process and help hire client-employed leaders.

Turn-around / Exit

Ultimately, in the event management wants to exit or radically transform their business, our primary focus, at the point we are comfortably working with our client, is to take on a few key management roles and directly lead the transformation.  This support is normally charged on two levels: a project support fee that targets a cost less than the managers we replace and covers our overhead and the time our team devotes to the project (at least one person will be full time and generally two people will remain highly engaged as backups as well as a few of our in-house functional experts will provide support to the team leader).    In addition, within 1-3 months of the project, we will agree upon an exit or performance metric wherein the client pays a success fee calculated on a percentage basis.