We expect to serve as key business leaders in client companies (CEO, CFO, ETC) – responsible and accountable for full profit and loss.

As a result we are committed all the way to exit.

Purpose Driven with Aligned Interests

We are paid to produce results not advice. We charge a monthly retainer (generally the cost of one or two senior executives that we substitute) and earn a success fee by driving a mutually agreed upon critical business turn‐around metric in order to materially improve or exit your business. By earning our pay through success, we operate like business owners and partners, but work at an arm’s length allowing you far greater savings, flexibility, and transparency.

Experienced and Aligned Core Senior Team

The Core team models accountability, collaboration and agility. Expert resources are utilized when needed. When working with clients, we are primarily paid for performance. As a result, we are not fixated on annual bonuses nor job/salary preservation.

Fact and Metric Based

We develop measurements such that we can see the effects of our efforts, learn from them, and adjust such that we can optimize performance and leave our clients with a manageable and controllable process should they remain.

Holistic Approach

We expect to serve as key business leaders in client companies (CEO, CFO, etc) – responsible for full profit and loss. As a result, we will look after the entire business to include human resources, financial, commercial and operational by keeping a core team of full-time and subject matter experts to dig into the people, financial, and operational effects of the turn‐around we are focused on and, in particular, we take ownership of the exit/sell process should you intend to exit.