IDL Is Backed By An A-List Team Of Alliances

We have developed multi-year partnering relationships with the following companies that jointly help our clients in the following ways.  In all cases, we have worked together on various projects serving clients needs.

Russel Pell - GXS Partners

GXS – is a HK based, British owned management consulting firm with decades of advisory, transformation, and advisory services.  We partner together on diligence and strategic execution.

Perun Consultants

Perun- is a HK/Singapore based, foreign owned firm that offers restructuring, forensic accounting, and advisory services.  We have partnered on forensic accounting and valuations.


Cicero- is a US based, data driven management consulting firm with a twenty year track record of full-time practice area leadership across a wide array of industrial and consumer segments.  We partner on broader diligence and cross-continent projects.

Dorsett Partners LLC

Dorsett Partners- is US based turn-around firm that works on similar projects to our firm.   We advise one another on complex projects and help expand reach/touch for multi-national clients

Kalavinka Advisors

Kalavinka Advisors – is a HK based corporate intelligence service.  We have partnered on due diligence, background checks, and fraud investigations.

Karma Healthcare


We support with a percentage of our profits The company also invests about one-third of its profits directly into social impact for-profit businesses in Southeast Asia and India to help alleviate poverty.

Here is one of the companies that we support both with investment and with our professional services.

Impact-driven, award-winning healthcare start-up, working towards providing equitable access to quality primary healthcare.

Contact us regarding your situation.   We both offer in-house bookkeeping and partner with several cost-effective firms that have helped us re-build client books, conduct due diligence, find issues, implement

Contact us regarding your situation.   We partner with a variety of firms that offer support for US, European, China, SouthEast Asia, deal, contract, and settlement services.  We have partnered on asset and share deals, contract disputes, arbitrations, and wind-down services in nearly a dozen countries.